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DataScript offers the complete solution to your transcription needs.  We offer a web-based transcription platform that can be accessed from any computer requiring no additional software.  We provide services to the following customers:

                                           ·         Inpatient and Outpatient Clinics

                                           ·         Behavioral and Mental Health Centers

                                           ·         Single and Multi-Speciality Practices 

                                           ·         Small and Large Hospitals

                                           ·         Government and Private Sector 

                                           ·         Other Specialty Clinical Services




Smartphone Apps

EHR/EMR Integration

Voice Recognition

Affordable Rates

• Fast Turnaround

HIPAA Compliant

Toll-free Dictation

Auto Fax Capabilities

Electronic Signature

No Set-up Fees

Available 24/7/365

How it Works


              Dictation is sent securely to our servers by docking a handheld digital recorder, dialing our toll free number to dictate or using an application on a smartphone.

              Once transcription is completed administrators and physicians can view, edit, print, route, auto-fax and electronically sign reports, as well as generate cover letters, patient letters and envelopes from anywhere using an internet connection.     

              Completed reports are held in folders where they can be printed and filed in the paper medical record, printed and mailed to referring clinicians, or exported to any Electronic Health Record (EHR) at no charge, all the while effectively meeting HIPAA requirements.



         DataScript has over 25 years experience providing professional transcription services to both the private and government sector. Our experience encompasses a wide range of medical and legal documentation. Having prepared and delivered thousands of reports to customers over several decades, we pride ourselves in using the latest technology available to automate this process.

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